• Lawn Care & Fertilization

    Wicked Green offers a personalized, compreshensive Lawn Care program that includes balanced granular, slow release fertilizer, broadleaf weed control and surface insect control as required. We inspect your property at every visit for issues and leave recommendations and customize your plans to meet the needs of your lawn.

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  • Tick & Mosquito

    We offer an application to your property, 3’ high for ticks, several feet high for mosquitos, as well as several feet into the perimeter, treatment of brush piles, rock walls, landscape, plantings, and all areas that are tick habit.

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  • Aeration & Seeding

    Aeration and overseeding helps to reduce soil compaction and thatch layer build-up while allowing for better root development.

    Overseeding at the time of Aeration offer the perfect opportunity due to soil exposure.

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  • Vegetation Control

    Targeting invasive vegetation such as Japanese Knotweed, Poison Ivy and Bittersweet. Also to address unwanted vegetation growth in crushed stone/paver driveways, mulch bed and patios.

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  • A dedicated team of lawn care specialists. Get in touch for estimates and consultation on your lawn care needs.

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  • 70+ Years of Combined Industry Experience

    We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers over 70 years of industry leading experience in lawn care & pest control. For us, just green is never good enough!

  • Free Estimates

    At Wicked Green we're happy to offer free estimates and consultations. Call Paul today to get your estimate!